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Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 - ' Evil Goku vs Super Saiyan Blue Goku? ' Preview Breakdown


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Complete trailer breakdown, analysis, and predictions! Check it out and share your thoughts on Dragon Ball Super Episode 50. ' Goku vs Goku Black'

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So in short, I think in ' Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 English' the fight between Goku and Black will be short. 'Dragon Ball Super Episode 50 Subtitles' review. There will be no definitive ending that is Goku or Black none of would win and we will probably get some buildup regarding episode 51 which also sounds interesting. That is ‘ Mai’s feeling transcends time’. What role could Mai possibly have and what they mean by that title?

As we know Goku Black appeared at the very end of Dragon Ball Super episode 49. And the next episode title is ‘ Goku vs Goku Black’. So we will get to see a dedicated action-packed episode with a much-anticipated battle between Goku and his first ever Evil counterpart. They mention that this type of rings was originally used by the Kaioshins. Time traveling in Dragon Ball Universe is very complex, even changing the slightest of things like plucking a flower can change the history of a planet to the point of it being destroyed. Don't forget to watch ' Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Full'.

From the episode 50 summary, Beerus and Whis notice the ring Goku Black wears on his finger. A ring that he refers as ‘Time Ring’ a name that sounds very valid since he created a portal using that ring which allowed him to reach this timeline. So he himself is either a Kaioshin or a God like character or is being controlled by one. Another possible scenario could be that he forcefully took it from a Kaioshin or something like that. Goku Black’s body language is pretty much similar to the gods, though.

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