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Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 FUSION REBORN Super Saiyan Blue Is Defeated?! (DBS Episode 115 Review)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Dragon Ball Super 115 Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Dragon Ball Super 115 116 Dragon Ball Super Ep 115

Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 showcases Universe 6's NEW Fusion Kefla battling against a tired Goku who pushes himself in using Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken in order to defend himself against Kefla! Kefla counters by transforming further into a Super Saiyan, backing Goku into a corner with no reserves left all while Gohan and Piccolo fend off against the Universe 6 Namekains! Be sure to subscribe for more Daily Dragon Ball Content! Kale and Caulifla fuse into Kafla (Kefla)! Since Goku is fighting on the defensive against the powered-up Kafla, he turns into Super Saiyan Blue.


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