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Dragon Ball Super Episode 107-109 Spoilers- "Goku v Jiren Begins!"

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 107, Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 and Dragon Ball Super Episode 109 Preview Summary and Episode Titles Revealed! What's up with Frost and Frieza? Goku vs Jiren to begin soon? Will we see the new transformation of Goku? Watch this video and comment your opinion down below!

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 107- Revenge “F”! A cunning trap has been laid?!

Kaioshin Fuwa orders Frost to defeat Universe 7 Warriors. Frost agrees but on the condition that if they win the Tournament, his crimes need to be forgiven and he’d be given financial help in order to carry on his businesses. Frost targets Master Roshi!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 108: “ Frieza and Frost! Two evil come together?!”

Frieza is hunting for his next target. Meanwhile, Gohan is having a hard time against Jimeze. Looking at how Frieza was smiling while looking at Gohan getting beat, Universe 7 members distrust Frieza and feel as if he’ll betray them.
So, the episode title seems really interesting as it has Frost and Frieza something the fans have been talking about for a long time. Looks like this episode they will finally confront each other. What will they do?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 109: The strongest enemy approaches Goku! Fire the deadly spirit bomb now!

While Gohan was in a difficult battle, Goku was fighting Ribrianne. Wanting to win the “Tournament of Power”, So She can be a beloved Goddess, she attacks Goku with all her power. Meanwhile, Jiren of Universe 11, Who has been conserving his power until now, finally appears before Goku. Jiren overwhelms every warrior, including Goku with his massive ki beyond anyone’s imagination.

Translation Courtesy- KenXyro

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